Off to the South Island

We all woke up around 4:30 on our third morning in Auckland. It was a dreary start with plenty of rain falling overnight and as Cameron asked me repetitively if we could "just go home" or at least to the Denver Children's Museum, I started to feel a bit of a panic start to creep in. I didn't have my control over our environment or what the day would hold. And that would be the case for countless days to come...

Of course the skies cleared by 9:30 and it turned into a perfect weather day. Around 70, very sunny with a little breeze here and there. We did the rest of the scavenger hunt we had had to abandon the previous day - walked the city Lorne Marjerison style, checking out sights left and right. We ended up in gorgeous Albert Park (full of historical statues and colorful flower beds) as well as - my favorite - a short spooky path with "pohutukawa" trees. The kids had a blast climbing along what appeared to be horizontal trunks spreading endlessly in all directions.



You can't really see them, but our kids are inside that tree.

Picturesque chat with child about not running out of our sight. Again.

Amphitheatre outside art gallery we didn't go into 🙂

We grabbed a little more ice cream before taking a cruise around the harbour. I think my kids are not the norm in that they actually enjoy the historical commentary that accompanies this type of excursion. Where did they do cannon blasting practice a hundred years ago? How often did the lighthouse worker get food delivered to his tiny abode? How did they add extra lanes to Auckland bridge. They are all about it (except Cam). It wasn't remotely crowded and we had all taken our dramamine. Happy afternoon.


Quick refresh


Bye bye Auckland!!

Now we are in Wanaka on the South Island. The flight down here yesterday was easy peasy and I totally kicked driving-on-the-left-side-of-the-road's ass! Drove through amazing FALL colours, no one vomited on the twisty mountain drive and this place feels more like our pace.

Zachary and Quinn have been playing some catch game outside involving a tiny deflated football and the trampoline with local boys Stan and Fred. We are expecting a LOT of rain while we are on the South Island, except for tomorrow - James' birthday - so we will see which activities we are able to check off our list.


3 thoughts on “Off to the South Island”

  1. Yay! So happy to see you all there living large. Love the commentary and the pics (those trees!). Keep it coming friend. And Happy birthday to James. We miss you all. I sat in Zach’s desk for ELF the other day and thought “Oh cool I can use Zach’s desk since he’s out traveling around New Zealand.”

  2. Thanks for telling me about this posting. Loved reading about your adventures & seeing the pics! Of course we are familiar with the places too. I understand why you would enjoy the country pace more. Look forward to more posts!

  3. Love the blog!!! Happy Mother’s Day. Can’t wait to read more of your adventures. Amanda

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