Queenstown Part II

Cam has accepted that they are “Rice Bubbles” and not “Rice Krispies” and James is starting to call some of us “love” so we are settling in here…

On Friday we got our first tip top weather since we arrived in Queenstown and boarded an old steamship to cruise across part of Lake Wakatipu and visit Walter Peak High Country Farm. It is a working farm, but also very clearly set up for visitors with a small outdoor amphitheater that houses a short shearing and herding demo and gorgeous grounds.

This day I felt the irony of being a tourist here who was somewhat annoyed by the number of tourists. It must be unbearable for the locals during their summer – the busy season. Right now I think it is relatively light, but as the lovely older woman who played piano on the steamship was shoved aside by a tourist to essentially play chopsticks, I was semi-disgusted. She let him have his fun for a few, and then commented to my eye roll as she reclaimed her bench “Sometimes you find some real gems… but not that one.”

Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown on a sunnier day
Waiting at the wharf to board the ship
Taking the steamship across Lake Wakatipu
View from the toilet porthole is a winner
Inside the engine room where they shovel the coal

Pianist with the patience of a saint

Watching the sheepdog gather the herd from up on the hill
Amazing to watch them work
Every single animal got to slobber on Quinn; he was the champion feeder in our family.

Dougall the Highland Cow; the only reason they have an electric fence

Afternoon tea at the farm

We had a chill couple days the next few, hanging around town and taking a little drive up the lake to do some hiking followed by a lot more walking than we had intended when we popped into a small town called Glenorchy. There are Lord of the Rings tours around there so I guess they must have filmed a bunch of it nearby.

They have the weirdest flavors of chips here but this takes the cake so far.

Quick game of football
Always has to have a stick this one.
Starting the Bob’s Cove Track

Bob’s Cove

The limestone business was apparently booming here in the 1800s and this was part of a breakwater wall

Remnants of an old limestone kiln on the track
Got the boys old school one-time cameras. They were initially impressed, but now quite unimpressed with needing to budget out their photo taking.
Glenorchy lagoon

Yes, there are a lot of sheep!
We accidentally found this awesome park in Glenorchy with lots of ninja-type obstacles. We need stuff like this back home so older kids can stay interested in playgrounds! J pointed out that the liability laws may be a little influential in that regard.
…And plenty of see saws here

We only have a few days left on the South Island before we fly back up North on Wednesday. So far, I am mostly missing my comfy bed!!